Hi, Iā€™m Vera Ivanova,
Art-Director and Designer.
I specialize in complex projects related to rebranding, brand identity and packaging. I collaborate with many studios and love to challenge myself with complex tasks.
If you are interested in cooperation, feel free to contact me via email at ivanovaveramail@gmail.com or on Telegram at @iveraivanova.
Work experience
Shuka (Lead Designer)
Depot WPF (Art Director)
Okko (Lead Designer)
Suprematika (Art Director)
Tomatdesign (Designer)
Ferma (Designer)
Dream Agency (Designer)
White Square, Gold, 2023
ADCR, Shortlist, 2023

Hello Kiki
Sreda, Gold, Grand Prix, 2021
ADCR, Silver, 2022

Sreda, Silver, 2022
ADCR, Bronze, 2023
Sreda, Bronze, Silver, 2022
ADCR, Bronze, 2023

Sreda, Bronze, 2021
Epica Awards, Shortlist, 2021
Red Apple, Bronze, 2021
ADCR, Shortlist, 2021

Depending on the tasks, I invite other professionals to work on projects. Over the experience of working in multiple studios, I have gathered the  best specialists: brand strategists, web designers, copywriters, illustrators, creators, graphic designers and layout designers. Depending on your task, I bring together a team of professionals or an entire pop-up studio.